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What I Saw and How I Lied Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

  • One night, Evie hears laughter and looks out to see a bunch of fellow teenagers dressed up; they're obviously going to a dance at the hotel. Evie wants to be just like them.
  • She goes into the closet and surveys her wardrobe, which is depressingly juvenile—then she goes into the room that her mom and Joe share and takes out a pretty dress. She puts it on and starts to stuff tissues into her bra so that she looks more curvaceous.
  • At that moment, Mrs. Grayson and Bev walk in and both start laughing at poor Evie, who feels completely humiliated and caught in the act.
  • When they stop laughing, they decide to help Evie dress up. Cue: Makeover scene—we're talking hair, make-up, the whole nine yards.
  • When they finally let Evie look at herself in the mirror, she's disappointed; she doesn't look as glamorous and grown-up as she'd hoped.
  • Still, she goes downstairs to join the dance. Maybe the night can still be salvaged; maybe she'll get to dance with some handsome boy.

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