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What I Saw and How I Lied Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

  • The next morning, Evie goes down to breakfast. She's still reeling from the night before; the handsome stranger had walked her to her door and solemnly thanked her for the dance.
  • Then the door opens and the stranger walks in, saying that he had hoped that she'd be at breakfast—she introduces herself and he says that his name is Peter Coleridge and that he'd love to join her for some grub.
  • He starts flirting with her and asks what her story is; she responds that she's still waiting for one. Then he asks her if she'd like to join him on a trip to Delray—a neighboring town—for lunch.
  • Evie is totally dying to go, but she knows that her parents would not be okay with her going off with a grown man. She wonders if he realizes that she's only fifteen, and tells him her age.
  • He doesn't seem deterred at all and says that she should still go with him. At that moment, her mom comes downstairs and Evie introduces her to Peter.
  • Peter makes conversation and says that he's twenty-three and wants to show Evie around and take her to a place called the Tap Room in Delray. He asks Bev if she'll join them to chaperone.
  • Then Joe comes down and spots them all talking to Peter Coleridge. Peter says hi and acts surprised to see Joe—apparently they served in the war together.
  • Bev asks Joe if they can go with Peter to a place in Delray, but Joe doesn't answer right away—instead he tells Bev and Evie to run along upstairs while he catches up with Peter.

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