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What I Saw and How I Lied Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

  • Evie reflects on how her life was always different from that of her peers because her mom had to work; because of this, Evie always wanted a father figure in her life.
  • And if Evie had been able to pick any dad in the world, she would have picked Joe Spooner. She fell for him just as much as her mom did, and Joe proposed right after Pearl Harbor happened and he knew that he was enlisting—so they were finally a family.
  • During the war, Evie and her mom were always waiting for Joe to come home; he'd get to come home for furloughs, but then would have to go right back overseas.
  • A year after the war, Joe finally came back and they were all so excited. He gave Evie a real gold bracelet that she wore all the time—never ever taking it off, even when she took a bath.
  • Joe opened an appliance store after he moved home, and he and Bev finally got married at City Hall. Life Magazine even published a photo of them with the headline "And the Dish Ran Away with Joe Spoon" because Joe made up a story about how Bev's nickname was "The Dish."
  • Afterward, Evie took on her new name—Evie Spooner. She liked it much better.

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