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What I Saw and How I Lied Lust

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In What I Saw and How I Lied, Evie is just coming into her own as a sexual human being. When she meets Peter Coleridge, young Evie starts to feel desire for him; she doesn't just want him to be her boyfriend, but also wants to know what it's like to do dangerous (read: sexy) things with a man. Evie's not the only one with the hots for Peter, though. Her mother—Bev—is also carrying on a steamy affair with Peter behind her family's back. It looks like hunky Peter really has a way with the ladies.

Questions About Lust

  1. Do you think Peter would have slept with Evie if Bev hadn't interrupted? Why or why not?
  2. Why does Evie go to make out with Wally when she doesn't even like him?
  3. Do you think that Bev is sexually attracted to Joe Spooner?

Chew on This

Evie believes that she is in love with Peter because he makes her feel things she hasn't before, but it is really just lust and her sexuality awakening.

Evie's mom marries Joe Spooner for her daughter's sake and not because of actual romantic feelings for him. Because of this, she seeks romance—and sexual fulfillment—elsewhere.

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