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Mrs. Theobold in Where Angels Fear to Tread

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Mrs. Theobold

Mrs. Theobold is Lilia's biological mother, but she has no influence on her daughter's life. We meet Mrs. Theobold once, very briefly, at the opening of the novel when she goes to the station to bid Lilia farewell. Mrs. Theobold seems to be pretty absent-minded and always does what Mrs. Herriton tells her to do.

Totally meek and submissive, Mrs. Theobold is quite the opposite of Mrs. Herriton, whose pushy personality makes life difficult for those around her. Mrs. Theobold is the one who informs Mrs. Herriton by letter that she had heard rumors about Lilia's engagement. But other that this incident, we are never given any more details Mrs. Theobold's thoughts or feelings, and she has little to no impact on the events of the novel.

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