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Where Angels Fear to Tread Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

  • After the crash, Harriet becomes mentally unstable, but the details of her crime are never revealed.
  • Philip goes alone to tell Gino of his child's death. Gino is beside himself with anger and turns to violence, attacking Philip by twisting the arm he broke in the crash until he passes out from the pain. Gino is close to killing Philip when Miss Abbott arrives and comes between the two men.
  • By the time Philip regains consciousness, Miss Abbott has been able to calm Gino down and prevent the situation from resulting in even more pain.
  • In an effort to help the men forgive each other, Miss Abbott asks Gino to bring Philip a bottle of milk that has been warmed for his dead child and persuade Philip to drink it. Philip obeys and Miss Abbott then tells Gino to finish the rest of the milk.

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