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Where Things Come Back Writing Style

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Writing Style

Tell Their Stories

The writing style in Where Things Come Back is clear, concise, and descriptive, which is important when a book wants to capture the lives of so many characters. The writing is meant to introduce us to all the different characters and give us glimpses into their inner lives, backgrounds, and motivations. For example, this is what we get when we first meet Benton:

When Benton Sage found out that he would be going on a mission for his church that year, he was overwhelmed with excitement and panic. His stomach felt a sort of queasy rumble as he stood with his sisters and Reverend Hughes, and watched as the entire church circled around them, clasped hands, and began to pray. (2.1)

Right away, we get to know Benton—he is a nervous, excited, religious boy—and the kind of family background he comes from. And we know that we're about to hear the rest of his stories and adventures.

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