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Where Things Come Back Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

Cabot Searcy

  • After Benton dies, Cabot Searcy takes on the task of boxing up all of his things, since Benton's family seems remarkably uninterested in their dead son's belongings.
  • While he's going through all of Benton's things, he finds his journal. He flips through it and reads all of Benton's random musings, then decides that he's going to keep that little book while he sends everything else to Benton's family.
  • Now, the chapter suddenly switches to discussing the Book of Enoch, which was discovered in 1773 by a Scottish explorer.
  • The book is a part of the Christian Bible for the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, and is upheld by followers such as Rameel—Benton's friend from his Ethiopia mission.
  • Cabot gets through all of the journal and finds, written on a random page, a passage from the Book of Enoch. How mysterious… 

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