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Where Things Come Back Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

Vilonia Kline

  • Cullen's dad is doing just about everything he can to find his son—contacting officials, setting up a website, and pretty much draining their family funds. None of it works.
  • While this is all happening, Cullen has discovered that hanging out with Ada makes things more bearable. They start dating, and even though Cullen suspects that she just feels sorry for him, he's still delighted.
  • He even feels charitable toward Mena—Lucas's girlfriend—since she's been a great help during this time period. She shows up often with groceries to make dinner, and helps his mom at the salon without accepting money.
  • Cullen goes into Gabriel's room to look for the book where his brother used to jot down his favorite song lyrics; it makes him miss him even more.
  • After Gabriel has been gone for six weeks, their father does something nutty—he brings in a psychic named Vilonia Kline, who's apparently going to help them find out where Gabriel is.
  • When she goes into his bedroom to get things that belong to him, she says that "He had a strong spirit," which upsets Cullen because he takes that to mean that Gabriel is dead.
  • Lucas assures him that she doesn't' know anything—she's just an old kook—but Cullen is not so convinced. They all follow her out to the car so that they can go look for Gabriel. 

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