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Where Things Come Back Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

Alma Ember and Her Small-Town Ways

  • After high school, Alma Ember desperately wants to leave Lily and ends up moving in with her grandmother in Savannah while she goes to the Savannah College of Art and Design.
  • Cabot graduates with a degree in philosophy, which definitely concerns his rich father who wishes that he'd go into a field that would make money. He worries his family even more when he announces that he's considering going to graduate school to study ancient theology.
  • Alma starts dating a graphic design major named Nico, and even starts staying over at his apartment—which doesn't make her grandmother happy. Soon, he proposes and they make plans to marry in the next month.
  • At the same time, Cabot is cut off by his father monetarily and starts working for his uncle Jeff over the summer in order to make some money.
  • One night, Alma and Nico go to the movie theater to see some independent film, which is super boring but is the only thing that Nico likes to watch. Alma excuses herself and goes to the lobby to escape.
  • There, she meets a young man who tells her that he can't sit through any more of that movie either—his name is Cabot, and they immediately fall in love.
  • Alma breaks off her engagement and moves in with Cabot, who seems fascinating and interesting. One and a half months later, Alma finds out that she's pregnant and they decide to get married the very next day—even though they've just started dating.
  • There's no way this can go wrong… right? 

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