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Where Things Come Back Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

You Couldn't Find a Nicer Guy if You Tried

  • What happens is that Alma ends up returning to Lily, since she's basically flunked out of school and is afraid of her ex-husband, who's lost his mind.
  • Cabot isn't too happy about this, obviously. He desperately wants to win her back, and he has a heavenly vision and hears a verse from the Book of Enoch: "Taken up so he should not see death; and he was not found."
  • When she's back in Lily, Alma runs into her old friend Lucas who invites her out on a double date with Cullen. And so it goes…
  • Meanwhile, Cabot goes to Arkansas to look for Alma and try to win her back. When he shows up unannounced at her house, though, her mother tells him that he needs to leave right now.
  • That's not happening as far as Cabot's concerned, however, so he waits in his car until Alma returns and tries to talk to her. She tells him that it's over, and that she even has a date lined up for tonight—she's going to the movies with someone named Cullen Witter.
  • Of course, this gets Cabot all worked up, and he decides that he's going to go over to talk to this Cullen… whoever he is.
  • Cabot makes his way over to the Witter house and sees a teenage boy come outside. He grabs a metal flashlight and hits the boy in the side of his head, then locks him in the trunk of his car. Uh-oh… this is not good news.
  • When Gabriel wakes up, he finds that he's in the trunk of the car. The strange dude who hit him starts interrogating him about Alma, and soon figures out that he took the wrong teenager—he meant to kidnap Cullen, but ended up with Gabriel instead.
  • Gabriel tells him to please take him home, but Cabot is freaked out now that he's guilty of kidnapping a kid, so instead he puts Gabriel back into the trunk of the car.
  • As he does so, he realizes that the kid's name is Gabriel, and decides that that maybe he's actually the angel Gabriel—maybe this is all a sign from God. 

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