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Where Things Come Back Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

The Boy Who Caused Silence

  • Gabriel's been with Cabot for two weeks now, and has fielded about a million questions about what heaven is like, and what God wants Cabot to do. It turns out that Cabot really does think that Gabriel is a bona fide angel.
  • So they just keep trucking along for weeks, with Gabriel sitting around as Cabot's prisoner, and Cabot trying to figure out what God had in store for him.
  • Cabot starts to freak out one day, and Gabriel tells him that he's not the one in an attempt to create some kind of prophecy so that Cabot will return him to his family.
  • Instead, Cabot looks at the television and sees a caption about an extinct woodpecker. The news story's captain reads: "No second chances in Lily, Arkansas."
  • Cabot takes this as a sign that it's all over and tells Gabriel that it's time to say goodbye.
  • Um...that's scary.

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