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Where Things Come Back Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

The Book Of Enoch

  • Let's go back to Benton Sage, our young Christian missionary, who is not doing so hot in Ethiopia. He doesn't get why people aren't being converted to God, and instead are just asking for more food and resources.
  • In his distress, he mails a letter to Reverend Hughes admitting that he has doubts about being here and asking for guidance. While he waits, he continues his work with Rameel.
  • Two months later, Benton finally gets a response—a single plane ticket in an envelope. Benton's going home at last.
  • On his last night in Ethiopia, Benton has dinner with Rameel's family and is introduced to the Book of Enoch—a section that is only in the Ethiopian Orthodox Bible. It talks about the fallen angels and what happened to them after they were banished from hell. 

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