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Where Things Come Back Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

In Defense of Irrationality

  • When Cullen gets home one day, he finds out that Russell Quitman has gotten into a car accident and is now paralyzed. He broke up with Ada just two weeks before, and Cullen remarks that if they were still together, Russell would probably be dead. That's bleak.
  • Things aren't go well for Cullen and Alma either, since they don't have that much in common—after all, she went to college and got married, and Cullen has only just graduated from high school.
  • When Cullen tells her that it's not going to work out, though, she starts to cry.
  • One day, when Cullen is working at the convenience store, Ada stops by and tells him that she's sorry she didn't check up on him sooner—especially with his brother missing and all.
  • To his own surprise, Cullen starts to cry, and Ada doesn't run away or laugh at him. Nope—instead, she comes over and holds him while he sobs. 

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