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Kiche in White Fang

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As moms go, Kiche could be a lot worse. She's half wolf, half dog and pretty much gets the best of both worlds. She's smart, cunning and definitely looks out for her own. Until Scott arrives, she's the only being who shows White Fang love, and she bails his little puppy butt out of certain death more than a time or two.

And yet, she kind of betrays White Fang by leading him to civilization, which is when things start to go seriously south for our guy. To make matters worse, she abandons him completely once she gets traded away. Sooner or later, we all have to leave our moms and face the world alone, but when she's gone, she's really gone: "He bounded towards her joyously, and she met him with shrewd fangs that laid his cheek open to the bone" (14.10). Harsh, mama.

While it hurts White Fang when she abandons him, it ultimately leaves him stronger—more able to deal with the world (and the humans in it) on his own. The problem is, she was his last tie to living in the Wild. They had survived together out on the range (before joining up with some humans). But once she's gone, the deal is sealed: White Fang can't survive without the help of humankind. And that, we'll soon learn, is a double-edged sword.

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