Study Guide

White Noise Chapter 11

By Don DeLillo

Chapter 11

  • Jack wakes up sweating bullets in the middle of the night. He glances at the clock and gets paranoid about always seeing odd numbers whenhe wakes up like this. He eventually falls back asleep, then wakes up a few hours later to the smell of burnt toast.
  • Steffie asks him about her mother. He tells her that her mother's a CIA agent who could never tell him what she was doing. Jack briefly explains how the marriage between them didn't work out… twice.
  • Later, Jack and Babette go to Murray's for dinner. The meal is actually good, even though Murray prepared the whole thing on a hotplate. While hanging out, they talk some more about the state of kids in America. Murray dominates the conversation as usual, talking about all the raw data that TV and radio is constantly pouring into kids' brains.
  • After they leave, Babette confides to Jack that she's worried she's losing her memory. He tells her that everyone forgets stuff now and then. But she thinks it's more serious than that. Jack decides this is a good opportunity to ask her about the drugs she's taking. She says she can't remember taking any drugs, though she might be lying. 

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