Study Guide

White Noise Chapter 12

By Don DeLillo

Chapter 12

  • Back at the house of his private tutor, Jack wonders why he can't get his head around the German language. He chats with his instructor and learns that the man also gives lessons in meteorology. What a (multi-talented) weirdo.
  • When Jack gets home, he finds Babette's ex-husband Bob Pardee practicing his golf swing in the kitchen. Bob takes the kids out for dinner while Jack and Babette do their own thing. They agree to meet up with Bob and the kids later on, after Babette has visited an old man named Treadwell and read to him from some supermarket tabloids.
  • When they get to Treadwell's, they find the old man missing. We find out shortly after that the police start dragging the river and looking for his body the next day.Ā 

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