Study Guide

White Noise Chapter 16

By Don DeLillo

Chapter 16

  • One day, the baby Wilder starts crying and won't stop. We're talking hours here. Babette says they need to take him to a doctor, but Jack isn't sure if anyone will see them if crying is the only symptom they have to go on. They have no clue what's wrong with the boy.
  • After a few doctors tell them to buzz off, Jack and Babette decide to take Wilder to the hospital. Jack drops Babette off to teach one of her classes. When the class is over, Babette gets back into the car and Wilder stops crying. Everyone in the family walks on eggshells for the rest of the evening, scared that they'll throw Wilder back into a crying fit.
  • At the end of it all, Wilder has cried for a grand total of seven straight hours.

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