Study Guide

White Noise Chapter 19

By Don DeLillo

Chapter 19

  • Bee ends up making Jack's family feel self-conscious when she's around. It's not her fault, though. She's just not part of the family, and everyone starts to worry about how messy they are when a stranger is livingin the house.
  • On Christmas, Bee talks to Jack about how unhappy her mother is. Tweedy's husband Malcolm is a diplomat who's never at home. But the bigger problem, says Bee, is that her mother doesn't have a good sense of her own identity.
  • Before you know it, Jack's driving Bee back to the airport. Jack can tell that Bee's a little judgmental about his family.
  • On the way back home, Jack pulls off the highway and visits a place called "The Old Burying Ground." He listens to the wind and touches the gravestones in a creepy way.Ā 

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