Study Guide

White Noise Chapter 2

By Don DeLillo

Chapter 2

  • Jack describes his wife Babette, who's tall and a little plump. He tells Babette that he's been to see the parents dropping their kids off in the station wagons. Babette's annoyed that he didn't remind her. She loves watching the event, but is forgetful.
  • Jack and Babette talk in the kitchen. They have both been married before (five times for Jack) and they both live with children from these earlier marriages. Jack has kids named Heinrich and Stephanie, while Babette has a daughter named Denise and a baby named Wilder.
  • As they all hang in the kitchen, Babette starts making a lunch for herself. Stephanie and Denise call her out for buying a bunch of healthy food and letting it spoil. Babette says she buys the stuff with good intentions, but just can't bring herself to eat stuff that doesn't taste good. She obviously doesn't know the true joy of eating salad.

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