Study Guide

White Noise Chapter 24

By Don DeLillo

Chapter 24

  • One night, Jack discovers Babette's bottle of Dylar taped beneath the cover of the radiator. He brings it to Denise right away. They put the bottle back where it was and retreat to Denise's room to hatch a plan.
  • Denise decides that they won't say anything to Babette. Jack wants to know what Dylar is for, though. Denise says she has already checked with all the local pharmacies, and no one has ever heard of a drug called Dylar.
  • They decide to call Babette's doctor at home. But the dude rudely answers that he has no clue what the drug is and says he doesn't want anyone calling him at home.
  • Jack decides to take a pill from the bottle and bring it to one of his friends to analyze at the university laboratory.
  • Afterward, Jack passes by Heinrich's room and finds the boy doing chin-ups in his closet. He asks Heinrich where he got the metal bar that's clamped to his doorway. Heinrich tells him it belongs to a friend named Orest Mercator.
  • Heinrich admires Orest because the guy can bench-press a ton of weight, even though Orest is nineteen and still in high school.
  • Heinrich explains to his dad that Orest Mercator is training to set a world record. What world record, you ask? The world record for sitting in a room full of poisonous snakes. Jack basically says, "To each his own," and goes to bed.Ā 

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