Study Guide

White Noise Chapter 25

By Don DeLillo

Chapter 25

  • Jack takes a Dylar tablet from Babette's bottle and brings it to Winnie Richards, a young research neurochemist at the university. After he leaves, he has trouble tracking her down for the rest of the week. Winnie has a way of moving across the campus without being seen.
  • Back at home, Jack sits over breakfast with Babette after all the kids are gone except Wilder. He confronts Babette about the Dylar and asks her what it's for. Babette dodges the question and tells Jack she wants to have sex with him. Dude totally drops the subject.
  • Finally, Jack spots Winnie Richards on campus and runs after her. He catches up to her and asks about the Dylar. Winnie tells him that Dylar has an extremely sophisticated system for delivering chemicals into the human brain. It has this weird sort of polymer membrane that makes sure the drug is delivered gradually over a period of hours or days.
  • But Jack wants to know what the pill does to the human brain, and Winnie admits that she doesn't know. All she can tell him with certainty is that the drug is not on the market.Ā 

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