Study Guide

White Noise Chapter 30

By Don DeLillo

Chapter 30

  • Jack wakes up Babette in the middle of the night. He demands that she tell him who Mr. Gray is. She refuses, but he won't let her go back to sleep until she tells him.
  • She says if she tells him, he'll go to Mr. Gray's motel and kill him. Jack says he's not a jealous man. But Babette insists that it's in men's biological nature to be jealous, and that Jack won't be able to stop himself. She also suspects that Jack's looking to score some Dylar for himself.
  • The next day, Winnie Richards approaches Jack while he's gazing over the university campus. She tells him that she just realized that the drug Dylar takes away a person's fear of death. She philosophizes a little bit about how bad it would be to take this fear away from people.
  • Jack asks her what the best way is to make peace with one's fear of death. But she admits that she doesn't know.Ā 

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