Study Guide

White Noise Chapter 31

By Don DeLillo

Chapter 31

  • No on wants to cook a meal in Jack's house, so the whole family goes out for chicken and eats it in the car. While they eat, Jack can't help but picture his wife having sex with another man.
  • The family has another one of its conversations about facts that they all sort of half-know.
  • Jack talks for a little while about how people around his town have started claiming UFO sightings. One police officer even claimed to see a human body thrown from a UFO.
  • Denise makes a comment about how mountains are always in the northern part of states while the cities are always in the south. Jack thinks this sounds crazy, then wonders if it might actually be true. No one in the car knows enough to contradict Denise. Whoa. This family needs some remedial geography lessons, stat.
  • Babette asks Jack how he's feeling, and says she wishes she'd never told him about her fear of death. She also wishes he'd never told her he was going to die.Ā 

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