Study Guide

White Noise Chapter 33

By Don DeLillo

Chapter 33

  • The next morning, Jack opens his eyes and sees Wilder standing beside the bed and staring at him. Jack follows the kid into the hall and looks out the backyard window. He finds someone sitting out there in an old wicker chair.
  • At first, Jack wonders if it's Mr. Gray sitting out there. Worse yet, maybe it's Death himself, waiting for Jack to come outside so he can finish him off.
  • When Jack finally goes outside, he realizes that the figure is just Babette's father. The man has been waiting outside for Jack and his family to wake up.
  • Babette's dad stays with the family for the next few days, always making sure to wake up earlier than everyone else. When he leaves, he calls Jack out to his car and presses a handgun into Jack's hand. Jack tries to resist, but the man insists that he should have something to protect his family with.Ā 

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