Study Guide

White Noise Chapter 35

By Don DeLillo

Chapter 35

  • By this point, Babette wears her gray sweatsuit at all times. Denise scolds her when she goes out for a run without putting on sunscreen.
  • Jack asks Babette how she's holding up without any Dylar. Babette says it helps when she hangs out with Wilder. This makes sense, since Wilder's a baby and he's a perfect example of a person who doesn't care about dying, since he has no clue he's going to die some day.
  • Later, Jack takes Heinrich and his snake-loving friend Orest out for dinner. He asks Orest how his training is going. Orest says it's going well and starts inhaling tons of food.
  • Jack asks Orest if he's getting anxious as the time to sit with snakes draws closer. Mercator says he's just really impatient to get in with the snakes. He hates waiting.
  • Orest says the worst thing that could ever happen to him is to be prevented from sitting with the snakes. He's worried that some animal protection group will step in and tell him he can't do it. Orest feels like his life means nothing without his room full of snakes.
  • Jack looks Orest in the eye and asks him if he ever truly thinks about dying. Orest says he isn't scared of dying.
  • As he calls for the check, Jack has another enraging vision of Mr. Gray having sex with Babette.
  • He meets Babette in the bedroom when he gets home. He tells her that Denise has thrown her bottle of Dylar into a trash compactor. Now all Jack cares about is finding Mr. Gray.
  • He goes downstairs and helps Steffie pack to visit her mother in Mexico. Denise asks what will happen if Steffie's mom kidnaps her and won't give her back. Jack says this will never happen. But Denise and Steffie want to know if he'd go to Mexico to kidnap her back.Ā 

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