Study Guide

White Noise Chapter 7

By Don DeLillo

Chapter 7

  • Jack goes to meet Babette at the Congregational church, where Babette teaches evening courses on posture to old people: how to sit,stand, that sort of thing.
  • When Jack and Babette go to bed, they have a cute little argument over which one of them is going to give the other one sexual pleasure. Neither one wants to be the pleasure-taker. Eventually, they agree to have Babette read erotic literature to Jack. She adds her own stipulations about what she will and won't read.
  • Jack half-brags to the reader about how he and Babette talk to each other about everything. Spoiler alert: that might not always be the case.
  • When Jack goes to find an erotic book, he comes across some old family photo albums. He and Babette stay up half the night looking through them instead.

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