Study Guide

White Noise Chapter 8

By Don DeLillo

Chapter 8

  • As the most important Hitler scholar in North America, Jack has always felt insecure about the fact that he can't speak a word of German. He's tried to learn a couple of time, but just can't wrap his brain around thelanguage.
  • He tells the story of how he contacted a man in his town that had no connection with the university and asked him for secret lessons. Every week, they'd sit in the man's house and spray each other's faces with spit trying to pronounce German words.
  • On his way him from one meeting, Jack stops by Murray's rented room and asks him to come over for dinner.
  • Back at the house, Babette and the children get into a half-spirited argument about whether it's important to boil your drinking water when the radio says so.Ā 

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