Study Guide

Why Don't You Dance? Section 5

By Raymond Carver

Section 5

  • The man decides to turn off the TV and put on the record player, telling them that's for sale, too. In fact, everything is for sale. He pours more drinks.
  • The boy and the girl are apparently well on their way to being hammered. Despite being incapacitated, the boy is writing the man a check; he has the girl pick out some records to purchase.
  • The man suggests that the young couple dance. The boy is reluctant at first, but they go along with the idea eventually. The boy comments repeatedly on how drunk he is.
  • The girl asks the boy to dance with her (it seems he's too drunk to oblige), and then asks the man, too. When the man stands up, she goes to him with open arms, and they start to dance.

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