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Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West Volume 2, Chapter 1, Part 4

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Volume 2, Chapter 1, Part 4

  • It's the second semester at Shiz, and Galinda is still stuck with Elphaba as her roommate.
  • Morrible refuses to let her move. She also gives Galinda some unsolicited career advice and tells her that she would make a great sorcery major. Galinda says whatever.
  • But then Madame Morrible ups the ante:

    "In the event you choose sorcery, it might – just might – be possible to find for you a new roomie." (

  • Galinda is suddenly sold on sorcery.
  • We learn that Elphaba is going to major in "natural sciences," which is surprising, since this book is supposedly about her being a witch and all. False advertising or red herring? Well, keep reading.
  • Galinda is nervous around Morrible and doesn't trust her at all.
  • Morrible now hints that there is something wrong with Elphaba's sister, who will be coming to study at Shiz next year.

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