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Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West Volume 2, Chapter 2, Part 2

By Gregory Maguire

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Volume 2, Chapter 2, Part 2

  • It's summer now and Shiz is pretty cleared out. Avaric is off on vacation.
  • Boq is in town working at the library.
  • Boq goes to the garden as planned one night and finds Elphaba and an unsuspecting Galinda waiting.
  • Galinda is embarrassed and so is Boq, though he ploughs ahead and confesses his feelings for her. Galinda definitely doesn't reciprocate.
  • Elphaba spends the whole time mocking both Galinda and Boq.
  • Boq says he'd be happy to be friends with Galinda and concludes his sales pitch by saying:

    "It's the only time we have. We must live in the present. We are young and alive."

    "I don't know if alive quite covers it," said Elphaba. "This sounds scripted to me."

    Galinda rapped Elphaba on the head with her fan.

  • Boq is enchanted by Galinda, even as she is standoffish toward him.
  • Finally Galinda agrees to at least acknowledge Boq in public, which he takes as a victory.
  • Ama Clutch arrives and leads her two charges away.
  • Elphaba is happy for Boq, in a sarcastic kind of way, which Boq finds a bit confusing.

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