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Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West Volume 3, Part 11

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Volume 3, Part 11

  • Fiyero mails some Lurlinemas gifts to his wife and kids. We are really curious about what the Oz version of Santa would be.
  • Fiyero stops for some coffee at the local Starbucks. (Just kidding, café.) There he witnesses a frightening scene.
  • Across the courtyard there's a group of political prisoners: a family of Red Bears, some Gillikinese, and a group of Quadlings.
  • The Gale Force guards come out and start threatening the prisoners.
  • The Bear family doesn't line up with the other prisoners and a guard hits a Bear cub.
  • Fiyero is horrified and the café manager quickly closes the window drapes.
  • Fiyero thinks hard after this and tries to better understand Elphaba.

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