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Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West Volume 3, Part 13

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Volume 3, Part 13

  • Fiyero is thinking hard about his life while wandering around the Emerald City in the snow.
  • If this were a movie, we'd cue a musical montage.
  • Fiyero then runs into Glinda and Crope.
  • Glinda has reverted back to her early school self and chatters nonstop. She acts very shallow and superficial.
  • Crope is in good spirits.
  • Fiyero can barely get a word in edgewise around Glinda.
  • Glinda has married a guy named Chuffrey, which sounds hilarious.
  • We'd totally read a spinoff novel about socialite Glinda and her boring old husband, who sounds like some sort of stuck-up British lord.
  • Glinda invites Fiyero to come visit her soon, but he begs off.
  • The discussion turns to Elphaba. Fiyero denies having seen her, but Glinda gives him a message for her anyway:

    "If you should see her," said Glinda lightly, "tell her I miss her still." (3.13.33)

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