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Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West Volume 3, Part 3

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Volume 3, Part 3

  • Elphaba finally asks when Fiyero is going to go home. He says he has no intention of leaving for the Vinkus anytime soon.
  • He also complains about his wife ignoring him, his wife's sisters hitting on him, and the fact that his marriage is very political. It sounds a bit like The Tudors or something with all the power plays and intrigue.
  • They talk about marriage some more and Elphaba basically admits that she's married to her work and starts to cry.
  • The tears burn her skin and she gets more agitated. She tries to dry her eyes with a blanket.
  • Fiyero goes to comfort her:

    The blanket hung between them, chin to ankles, but seemed about to burst into flame itself, or roses, or a fountain of champagne and incense. Odd how the richest images bloomed in the mind when the body itself was most alert. (3.3.13)

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