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Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West Volume 3, Part 8

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Volume 3, Part 8

  • Things aren't all sunshine and lollipops (or lollipop guilds, for that matter) for Fiyero and Elphaba.
  • They fight a lot, especially about Elphaba's work.
  • And they argue about evil, which is Elphaba's favorite topic.
  • Elphaba thinks Fiyero isn't political enough and acts like a sheltered child.
  • Fiyero thinks Elphaba has a massive ego and that she fails to see the moral problems of her resistance movement, which borders on terrorism.
  • The debate Fiyero and Elphaba have about terrorism, and whether or not it's ever justified, is an old one:

    "Can there be grief, regret, in your exalted circle? Is there any such thing as a mistake? Is there a concept of tragedy?"

    "Fiyero, you disaffected fool, the tragedy is all around us. Worrying about anything smaller is a distraction."

  • Fiyero leaves angrily after this exchange and he and Elphaba don't speak for a day.

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