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Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West Volume 4, Chapter 1, Part 4

By Gregory Maguire

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Volume 4, Chapter 1, Part 4

  • After leaving the Scrow camp, Igo dies. They bury him in the grassland.
  • The group now enters Arjiki tribal lands, which is Fiyero's tribe.
  • Elphaba settles into her disguise as a witch and likes it since it makes people a little afraid of her. They tend to leave her alone now.
  • The night before the gang arrives at Kiamo Ko, the big castle home of the ruling Arjiki clan, Killjoy captures a tiny creature stranded out in a lake.
  • Elphaba wants to rescue it, but it's in the water:

    But her feet went out anyway --

    They hit the water hard, the water hit hard back --

    The water turned to ice as she ran ....

  • Elphaba reaches the creature and discovers that it's a small monkey.
  • She names the monkey Chistery.
  • The group arrives at Kiamo Ko and Liir gets out with Elphaba and her menagerie of animals: crows, bees, Killjoy the dog, and Chistery the monkey.
  • We're thinking that the residents of Kiamo Ko aren't going to be too thrilled with these guests.
  • Elphaba just shrugs when Liir comes with her:

    [A]nd so Liir prepared to enter his father's house. (

  • Major plot revelation!

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