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Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West Volume 4, Chapter 2, Part 6

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Volume 4, Chapter 2, Part 6

  • The kids are playing hide-and-seek. Irji, Nor, and Liir are looking for Manek.
  • The kids find a fish well and check it out.
  • They finally find Manek, who is spying on Elphaba.
  • Elphaba is teaching Chistery how to talk. She keeps repeating "Spirit" and says she knows he has one.
  • Looks like she's taken up Dillamond's work again, or something in the same vein.
  • Chistery finally says "spit."
  • Elphaba flips out and is crazy excited.
  • The kids find this whole thing hysterical and run off laughing.
  • Time for a family outing – the gang from Kiamo Ko go ice skating in town.
  • The group discusses Elphaba's magic broom. Elphaba doubts it's magical:

    "I got it from an elderly maunt named Mother Yackle...."

    "The old maunt said that the broom would be my link to my destiny," said Elphie. "I assume she meant that my destiny was domestic. Not magic."

  • Nor comes up and asks Sarima to tell her the story of the Witch and the fox babies.
  • Afterwards, Elphaba takes offense at the idea of an "afterlife for evil" ( rather than any slight to herself.
  • Sarima believes that Fiyero is waiting for her in the afterlife and Elphaba kind of flips out at the notion.
  • Sarima hilariously says that she pities any afterlife community that has to take in Elphaba.

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