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Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West Volume 4, Chapter 2, Part 8

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Volume 4, Chapter 2, Part 8

  • The kids play hide-and-seek again.
  • Manek convinces Liir to hide in the fish well, and a reluctant and scared Liir agrees.
  • Manek seems to have a promising future as a sadist.
  • Manek runs off and leaves Liir in the well.
  • Elphaba meanwhile goes to lecture Sarima about her mothering skills and says her children are all hellions.
  • Sarima basically says that Elphaba isn't exactly mother of the year to Liir.
  • But Elphaba brushes her off, as if Liir isn't even a relevant issue at all.
  • Sarima is very curious about Liir, but a Cylon Sister interrupts them.
  • Three tells them that travelers are coming and will arrive tomorrow.
  • At dinner none of the kids know where Liir is. Manek doesn't say anything about Liir's whereabouts.
  • Manek belongs in juvie, stat.

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