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Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West Volume 4, Chapter 2, Part 9

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Volume 4, Chapter 2, Part 9

  • The visitors arrive and Nanny is with them!
  • Elphaba is shocked and happy. Nanny spills Elphaba's name, so now everyone knows it. But she still gets called Auntie Guest/Witch, since old habits are hard to break.
  • Nanny says she learned that Elphaba was a nun through Crope, who knew that Elphaba tended Tibbett on his deathbed. So Nanny decided to track Elphaba down.
  • She also reports that the Wizard has crowned himself Emperor.
  • The Wizard is just like Napoleon, who (in)famously crowned himself emperor of France, and a bunch of other places that he'd taken over, in 1804. He literally took the crown out of the Pope's hands and stuck it on his own head. Good stuff.
  • Elphaba is appalled and climbs back up on her political soapbox.
  • Nanny then makes Sarima and the Sisters angry by calling them all collectively "old and female."

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