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Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West Volume 4, Chapter 3, Part 1

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Volume 4, Chapter 3, Part 1


  • Nanny and Elphaba have a discussion similar to the ones Nanny used to have with Melena.
  • Nanny wants to know what's up with this whole Witch thing. She thinks Elphaba looks awful and isn't taking care of herself.
  • We flash back to a previous discussion, where Nanny gave Elphaba the lowdown on the Thropps:
  • Grandpa Thropp died and Nessarose is now Eminent Thropp and ruler of Munchkinland.
  • She's a bit of a religious fanatic (not surprising) and has also become a smooth political operator, which is a bit surprising.
  • Their brother Shell is a revolutionary involved in underground activities. He's agitating that Munchkinland secede from Oz.
  • Frex lives with Nessarose now.
  • Nanny comments on Nessa's newfound political skills:

    "She's adept at this," Nanny admitted. "Shiz taught her well. She stands on her own two feet now." (

  • Elphaba recalls Madame Morrible's proposal with the mention of the word "adept."
  • She starts wondering if Morrible really did cast some sort of fate-determining spell on Nessa, Glinda, and her.
  • Elphaba has started thinking more about Liir and his place in her life.
  • She doesn't care that Manek died: "Any torturer was fair game for javelin icicles" (
  • Sarima has completely shot down the idea that Liir could be Fiyero's son and remains in denial about his relationship with Elphaba.
  • Elphaba has accepted Liir as her probable son.
  • Nanny says that Glinda put a spell on Nessa's shoes and Nessa can now balance perfectly on her own and doesn't need a helper as much anymore.
  • She then starts interrogating Elphaba about Liir.
  • Elphaba reveals that she was in a coma for a long time and possibly gave birth to Liir without being aware of it. (Sounds a bit like Kill Bill Vol. 1.)
  • Elphaba gets more involved in politics again and has renewed her determination to take down the Wizard.
  • She tries to find a spell in the Grimmerie but has no luck.
  • She does find a picture of a "Yackle Snarling" and gets weirded out. Yackle is rapidly becoming the "Where's Waldo?" of this book.

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