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Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West Volume 4, Chapter 3, Part 5

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Volume 4, Chapter 3, Part 5

  • The sisters reminisce together and Elphaba watches Nessa conduct her governing business.
  • A woman comes in with a complaint: her maid has fallen for a woodcutter and wants to leave her position to get married.
  • Apparently Munchkinland is down with indentured servitude.
  • Nessa agrees to cast a spell on the woodcutter in exchange for the woman's Sheep and Cow.
  • Elphaba is horrified that Animals are traded as property in Munchkinland.
  • Elphaba is also shocked that Nessa has become a sorceress, though Nessa refers to it as performing "miracles."
  • The woman thanks Nessa and calls her the "Witch of the East" as she leaves.
  • Elphaba then goes out to talk with the Sheep and Cow and learns how horrible the Animals have been treated – they've basically become slaves.
  • Elphaba tries to free them, but the two Animals are jaded and cynical. They leave the barn and tell Elphaba they'll likely just be killed now, but it will teach her a lesson.

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