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Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West Volume 4, Chapter 3, Part 6

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Volume 4, Chapter 3, Part 6

  • Frex and Elphaba have another discussion (borderline argument) about Nessa.
  • Frex still wants Elphaba to stay and help Nessa, but Elphaba refuses to be beholden to Nessa for the rest of her life:

    "I won't be lectured to by my daughter."

    "Well, I won't be lectured by you about my everlasting duties to Nessa."

  • Elphaba notices that lots of Munchkinlanders are wearing little straw man pins.
  • Frex explains that the straw man is a pagan symbol that has made a comeback because of the drought.
  • They talk about Turtle Heart, and Elphaba learns that both Frex and Melena were in love with him and kind of shared him in a way. A bit kinky there.
  • She finally parts from Frex frustrated, because, as Turtle Heart's likely daughter, Nessarose would always mean more to Frex than Elphaba.
  • Elphaba then goes to see Nessa and tries to talk to her about Madame Morrible and the spell.
  • Nessa brushes her off and tells her to stop being paranoid.
  • Elphaba is clearly the Fox Mulder of this book:

    "She tried to seduce us into a secret service for an unknown master. I'm not inventing this, Nessie."

  • "She knew how to get to you, obviously, by appealing to your sense of conspiracy. I don't remember such alluring nonsense."
  • (

  • Elphaba tries to talk to Nessa about the Animals, but Nessa changes the subject with a story about how she's learned some techniques to help her feel phantom limbs:

    "You know, if you slapped yourself around, spiritually speaking," said Nessarose, "you might develop a phantom soul, or something that felt like one." (

  • Elphaba brushes Nessa off this time and tells her to step up and be a real leader in Munchkinland.
  • The two part as frenemies: Nessa promises to pray for Elphie's soul and Elphaba promises to wait for those sparkly shoes.

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