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Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West Volume 5, Part 8

By Gregory Maguire

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Volume 5, Part 8

  • The Witch is tipsy from dinner and wanders off to a park.
  • There she runs into the dwarf and the Clock of the Time Dragon.
  • Elphaba is really having one heck of a reunion tour.
  • The dwarf is creepy and starts telling her about herself and her future.
  • He tells her he's from another world and came to Oz to guard the Grimmerie:

    "You work with Yackle."

    "We sometimes have the same intentions, and we sometimes do not. Her interest seems to be different from mine."

    "Who is she? ..."

    "In the world I come from, there are guardian angels," said the dwarf, "but so far as I can work out, she is an opposite number, and her concern is you."

  • The dwarf then tells Elphaba that she's a hybrid of the two worlds, his own and Oz. And he adds a "duh" to the end of that.
  • He then shows Elphaba her own personal Clock of the Time Dragon play.
  • Act One shows Saint Aelphaba disappearing behind the waterfall.
  • Act Two shows the Wizard giving Melena a green bottle labeled Miracle Elixir. She drinks it and falls into his arms and the two have sex.
  • Act Three shows a black stage.
  • The dwarf then gives Elphaba the mirror that Turtle Heart made for her and leaves:

    Inside the glass lived reflections of a young and beautiful Fiyero, and a young and impassioned Fae. The Witch took the mirror and hid it in her apron, and wandered away. (5.8.44)

  • The next day Madame Morrible's death doesn't make the morning paper.

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