Study Guide

Wings Chapter 1

By Aprilynne Pike

Chapter 1

  • Laurel's first day at Del Norte High School is meh. She meets a guy named David in her biology class, though, who is friendly and eats lunch with her. Yay for company.
  • As they chat, we learn that Laurel's dad opened a bookstore in Crescent City (the town where the high school's located), which is why they moved out there from the small town, Orick, where they owned a cabin on some nice land.
  • After school, Laurel vents to her mom about how much she hates high school and wishes she could keep being homeschooled. No luck—until their property in Orick sells, money is too tight for homeschool modules.
  • Strangely, Laurel has felt hungry that afternoon—normally she's more of a grazer—so her mom dishes out some canned peaches, which Laurel eats while feeling weird about everything.