Study Guide

Wings Chapter 10

By Aprilynne Pike

Chapter 10

  • Laurel waits at David's house the next morning before school so she can apologize for storming off the day before. He says it's fine; he can't stay mad at her for long.
  • David offers to help by examining more of her cells, since maybe that'll give them some clues as to what she really is. He thinks that she's really amazing, even if she has to be amazing in secret so no one finds out that she's not human.
  • He reaffirms that he's there as a friend if she needs him, though he'd also like to be more than just friends. Laurel's tempted to take him up on his offer, but she feels so needy she's not sure if she's actually into him or not, so she tells him she could just use a friend right now.
  • After school, David looks at some cells swabbed from inside her cheek under his microscope, and confirms that they're plant cells.
  • To get more info, he wants to look at a blood sample. She's terrified of needles and has never had a shot in her life, but David promises that it won't hurt much, and it doesn't.
  • And then he shows her the finger he'd pricked, and where there should be blood, there's only some clear liquid. David takes samples anyway, and then asks if that's what happened the last time Laurel cut or scraped herself. The thing is, though, she can't remember the last time she saw her skin broken.
  • Next, David asks if he can take her pulse. He tries from a few different positions, then asks if he can try to locate her heartbeat by placing his head by her chest. She agrees.
  • He still can't hear anything, though. Laurel doesn't have a heartbeat. She may not even have a heart.