Study Guide

Wings Chapter 12

By Aprilynne Pike

Chapter 12

  • On the day of the dance, David shows up with a box holding Laurel's "wings" that he supposedly made for her. She's wearing a beautiful blue dress that shows her blossom on her back, which he adorns with a garland so that it looks like it's been attached instead of growing out of her back.
  • He also puts some glitter on her face and hair, which completes the look. Laurel's actually thrilled with how she looks; it makes her feel like a faerie.
  • Laurel's mom and David's mom all take a bunch of pictures, and then David's mom drives them to the dance.
  • At the dance, Laurel's costume gets a ton of compliments, and she's happy with herself for the first time since all this weird stuff started.
  • Then one of her petals falls off. And then another, and another. Laurel and David try to pick them all up as they leave.
  • On the one hand, Laurel's relieved about not having to hide the flower anymore. But on the other hand, while at the dance, she really like having the flower because it felt special and magical to her.
  • David thinks Laurel is wonderful no matter what, and after driving her home, he kisses her on the forehead, then leaves.