Study Guide

Wings Chapter 17

By Aprilynne Pike

Chapter 17

  • Laurel heads to her dad's bookstore after school to help fill in, since he's still too sick to work. He looks terrible, with a pale gray face and sunken eyes.
  • Laurel's partner for her shift is Maddie, a long-time bookstore employee who's friendly and knows her stuff.
  • After work, Laurel comes home to find her father on a stretcher, as paramedics prepare to load him into an ambulance. He was vomiting blood, so this was the only option. Yikes.
  • They decide to keep Laurel's dad at the hospital overnight, so she's on her own; she calls David and asks him to come keep her company.
  • She plays guitar for him, and he really digs it, then they cuddle up and watch a movie. It's exactly what Laurel needs.
  • Later on, David stops by the bookstore to see how Laurel's doing. She relays the news that they're transferring her dad to Brookings Medical Center, which has the best specialists in the area.
  • David sticks around to help Laurel unload some boxes of books, saying he's hardly seen her outside of school, and he wants to be around her more.