Study Guide

Wings Chapter 19

By Aprilynne Pike

Chapter 19

  • Laurel and David huddle against the side of the house, and are about to dash for the car, when Laurel sneaks one more look through the window, and sees Barnes staring straight back at her.
  • Barnes breaks through the glass, grabs Laurel and David, and hauls them inside the house, throwing them both against the wall.
  • Barnes starts interrogating David about why they're there, and David answers as if compelled to: They thought something was fishy, so they're looking for evidence of foul play to bring to the police.
  • Laurel slaps David in order to get him to shut up, and whatever spell was on him seems broken because he stops talking to Barnes.
  • Barnes tells the two dudes to drown Laurel and David in the Chetco River. They take the kids in David's car to the shore, tie them up with rope, and attach heavy rocks to the ends.
  • Then they toss the kids into the river as though they and the rocks weigh nothing. Laurel and David fall in the same section of the river and make their way over to each other.
  • They exchange air through kissing, and Laurel works on getting David untied. She finally unties him, and he rises to the surface, but she has to work a bit longer on getting herself untied.
  • Just when Laurel thinks she won't be able to make it, she gets out of her bonds and rises to the surface, where the current tosses her around a bunch, and then David brings her to the shore.