Study Guide

Wings Chapter 22

By Aprilynne Pike

Chapter 22

  • Tamani has Laurel stay on one side of the house as he surprises the two ugly trolls talking outside; after knocking their heads together to knock them out, he snaps each of their necks to kill them.
  • Tamani uses a dart to knock out the guard-thing, Bess, and then kills it, saying it's a pity that stupid creatures like it are taught to hate and kill.
  • They go upstairs to find Barnes, and Laurel again stays out of sight while Tamani creeps in for the kill.
  • Barnes is on to him, though, and they fight until Barnes throws Tamani into a wall, almost knocking him out.
  • Then Barnes takes a pistol from his belt, aims it at Tamani, and pulls the trigger.