Study Guide

Wings Chapter 23

By Aprilynne Pike

Chapter 23

  • Laurel, peering into the room, can see Tamani clutching his leg. Barnes shoots Tamani in the other leg, and starts asking questions since clearly Tamani's not going anywhere.
  • Basically, Barnes knows it's not a coincidence that Tamani shows up on the day when Barnes is supposed to finalize the deal with Laurel's parents.
  • Laurel knows that she'd promised to run if there was trouble, but she can't, and instead she looks at the gun where Barnes set it on a table. She goes for it.
  • Barnes doesn't think she's serious, but she puts a bullet in the wall and tells him to get away from Tamani.
  • When Barnes senses that Laurel won't actually pull the trigger on him, he rushes her. She manages to shoot him in the shoulder, but then she drops the gun; Tamani manages to get it, and he shoots at Barnes, who jumps out the window and runs away.
  • David, hearing the shots, runs up to check on them. He helps get Tamani down to the car, and they take off for Orick again.
  • Shar appears once they're on the land, and he takes Tamani. Laurel can come with him, but David can't, and the three of them go down a twisted path, reaching a tree that begins to mold itself into a gate.
  • Laurel realizes that she is finally seeing the gate to Avalon. From what she can see, it's really beautiful on the other side.
  • A white-haired man comes through—the other faeries refer to him as Jamison—and he tells them to bring Tamani inside, and then he stays to talk to Laurel.
  • Laurel describes what happened with Barnes to Jamison, and Jamison warns her that she must be on guard, since Barnes got away, and he knows where she and her parents live.
  • Laurel also says that her father is dying, and Jamison gives her a comforting hug. He reminds her that she's one of them, and the faeries are there to help her because of it. Then he pulls out a small bottle filled with liquid, saying it's a rare elixir that can heal any human—two drops should work for her dad.
  • Jamison says they want to help in another way, but there's a condition. He pulls out a ridiculously large diamond, and says he wants to give it to Laurel's mom… if she agrees to put the land into a trust in Laurel's name.
  • Because, as we've all learned by now, it's vitally important that Laurel (a faerie) own the land.
  • Jamison then sends Laurel off, saying her father may only have hours left. He also says he hopes he'll see her again soon.